Hear what past attendees had to say about the Gathering of Eagles.


“Gathering of Eagles is truly a gathering of the who’s who of North American real estate. The networking is exceptional. The conference provides you with great insight into what is happening behind the scenes, along with future trends and insights via the exceptional speakers & content that is delivered every day. Congratulations to Steve Murray and the REAL Trends team for creating such a “Bell Weather” industry event.”

“The idea that the industry’s top leadership talent finds value in collaborating together in this type of an event speaks volumes to the integrity of the vision of REAL Trends and staying at the forefront of our ever evolving industry.”

“Gathering of Eagles is a unique opportunity to network with the best of the best of C-level executives in the business. That alone is worth more than the cost of admission.”

“We are all trying to accomplish the same goal with the same size pie, it’s great to see industry leaders come together and discuss the current and future state of the industry. What I am able to bring home is invaluable.”

“Gathering of Eagles was a fabulous conference with relevant information for today’s broker. It was nice to hear from industry leaders from a varied of franchises and real estate related companies. Everyone who attended were fun to talk with and easily shared information about what they were doing and what was happening in their markets.”

“Steve Murray and his team at REAL Trends continue to provide the real estate industry with relevant, thought provoking content at their annual Gathering of Eagles convention. It is the one event that I will not miss!”

“Unlike any other event in the industry, enjoyed interfacing with industry leaders without many of the distractions and noise.”

“Another exceptional conference. If you missed it, you’re missing out on the future opportunities.”

“I very much enjoyed the higher level conversation at REAL Trends. Steve isn’t afraid to push the envelope and challenge the group to think about things, even if they make us uncomfortable. I also appreciate that the whole event wasn’t promo for REAL Trends. I thought it was really well done and will definitely return. Thank you.”

“An excellent gathering of top real estate executives sharing insights into current and future market activities. Great to network with other companies and individuals in our industry.”

“Gathering of Eagles is the best place to be to understand today and tomorrow’s market and get honest insight from so many brands and across so many industry models.”

“Steve Murray is one of the most knowledgeable and thoughtful presenters. Loved hearing about the numbers, economics, and learning more about all of the technological initiatives. The jugglers were a surprising, fun touch!”

“This is the best conference in Real Estate it let’s every company in and be real and there is no judgement and the information is priceless thank you Steve and the entire REAL Trends team!”

“Many aspects of the conference were very informative, such as the direction of technology in our industry.”

“Wow! Left this conference with the most take-a-ways to improve our business of any conference in years.”

“Gathering of Eagles conference equipped me with the prospective necessary to Navigate a brokerage industry undergoing immense change. Thanks to the conference my path is clear on what we must do to thrive!”

“As always, the strength of this meeting is the networking opportunities that arise. Never know who you will meet in the corridor, or at breakfast.”

“Gathering of Eagles is always a “can’t miss” event in my book. The REAL Trends team is a class act – always putting forth a high quality, high impact event that delivers valueable content and networking opportunities specifically catered to our industries top leaders.”

“Steve is a true gentleman. Every attendee has such admiration for him and the work that he does. He cares deeply about the industry, his team, and everyone in attendance. He wants to leave things better than he found them, which is a rare gift. He is gracious, kind, and ridiculously wise.”

“Gathering of Eagles is without a doubt the best information in the real estate industry today. It is not a brand specific, it is across the board opinions of what the present and future of our industry will be.”

“What a well pulled together conference with a focus on the future, speakers with real value to add as actively leading members of the RE industry. REAL Trends is a class act, thank you for delivering true value to our company through the topics and speakers organized for the event.”

“Gathering of Eagles is consistently one of the best meetings to network with industry icons, collect the latest information on trends, and step outside the daily bubble to envision the future of our profession and industry.”

“Gathering of Eagles isn’t pushing an agenda so a wide variety of thought and industry positions are presented which I can run through my own filter relative to experience and business philosophy. We should never operate in a vacuum.”

“It’s a good spot to get perspective from different companies. I love data. REAL Trends Gathering of Eagles is a great format to see what’s going on in the market and what’s forecast for the industry future.”

“This was an action packed three days filled with some of the industry’s elite leaders! It was my first time attending a REAL Trends event and I felt welcomed by all.”